Selenite Tower Lamp

Selenite Tower Lamp

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Selenite tower lamp.

Measure approx. 7" tall. Comes with light cord.

Selenite comes from the Greek language meaning Moon Glow.

Selenite is crystallized gypsum. It can be used to access past lives in meditation, and it is assistive in seeing ones future if ones life goes on in the way it currently is, when rubbed with a finger or thumb. It can be used to clear the spinal chakra system of energy blockages, to intensify awareness of the deeper meaning of situations, and to access information from the body, raising awareness of disorders and calls for healing.

It is also said to be used to increase ones life span, to promote flexibility within muscular structure, to facilitate regeneration of cellular structure, to overcome damage caused by free radicals, and to aid in stabilizing epileptic disruptions.