Elite (noble) Shungite

Elite (noble) Shungite

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Elite Shungite, measures approx. 40mm (1.5") in length and weighs 31.2 grams. We test all our shungite to insure that it is genuine. 

Shungite is only found in Russia. The Elite Shungite also known as Noble Shungite is found in the Zazhoginskoye deposit in the Shunga region of Karelia, Russia.

There are two types of Shungite: the more common darker low grade type and the shinier silvery type. This higher quality shungite is also called silver shungite, noble shungite, water shungite or elite shungite.

These are considered the better quality shungite because they have a 70-94% carbon content and contain more fullerenes. Fullerenes are carbon based molecules that form into a spherical shape and are only found naturally in shungite.